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3 Ton Electric Scissor Jack Set 12V Lifting Tool with Wrench for Car SUV Tire Change Road Emergencies

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Electric car jack, it can quickly reached the maximum height, with a loading capacity of up to 3 tons, allow you to replace tires easily in an emergency. The two detachable raised heads are designed for cars and SUVs respectively. The kit is an indispensable help for garages, farms, highways and long distance trips.
The electric car jack uses a heavy‑duty steel structure. The large base and saddle make it strong and stable. The compact triangular is designed to improve stability, and the rugged solid screw can prevent it from tearing or twisting. Waterproof design, can be used in rainy days.
When the car jack reaches the maximum height, it will automatically stop working. The protruding particles at the top of the rubber socket can increase friction and protect your car paint. The self‑locking structure of the jack can prevent the car from falling suddenly and ensure the safety of the car and people. The internal circuit breaker of the jack can protect your car from overload.
Professional multi‑function toolbox, each part has its own hole position, it will be accurately embedded in the box even in severe turbulence. The hook&loop sticker on the outside of the box prevents the toolbox from sliding into the car. The compact shell design is very space‑saving, can be placed under the car seat, easy to carry.
The electric scissor jack with controller is very suitable for roadside tire replacement. Just connect a cigarette lighter or car battery and you can easily press a button to lift the car. The manual wrench also provides you with the convenience of changing tires.

Item Type: Electric Jack
Material: Steel
Jack Parameters:
Maximum Load: 3Ton
Rated Power: 100W
Maximum Current: 13A
Lifting Range: 12-37cm(4.7-14.6in)/17-42cm(6.7-16.5in)
Voltage: DC 12V

Wrench Parameters:
Rated Power: 80W
Operating Voltage: DC12V
Maximum Current: 13A
Maximum Torsion: 480N.M
Sleeve: 17-19cm/6.7-7.5in; 21-23cm/8.3-9.1in

Remote Control Battery: CR2025 button battery, 150mah (included)

How to Use:
1. Insert the plug into the car cigarette lighter jack
2. Press the “∧” or “V” button to control the lifting height
Package List

2 x Double-Ended Socket

1 x 3.5m Power Cable 

1 Pair of Battery Clip

3 x Fuse

1 x Lever

1 x Hand Crank

2 x Manual 

2 x Jack Heads

1 x Tire Pad 

1 x Wireless Remote Control

1 x Jack 

1 x Car Electric Wrench


It is suitable for vehicles under 3 tons, but not for vehicles over 3 tons.

Additional information

Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 48 × 33 × 13 cm


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