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Electric Car Jack Kit with Tire Wrench 3 Ton 12V 42cm Lifting for Car SUV Off‑Road Vehicle

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The maximum height can be reached quickly, with a loading capacity of up to 3 tons. Anyone can easily lift the tire in an emergency. The heavy-duty steel structure, large base and saddle make it strong and stable, the compact triangle is designed to improve stability, and the solid screw can prevent it from tearing or twisting.
Comes with matching manual wrenches and 2 sleeves with size of 17‑19cm, 21‑23cm, providing you with the convenience of changing tires. There is a danger warning triangle on the outside of the plastic box, which can replace the warning triangle when changing tires!
With controller, it is very suitable for roadside tire replacement. Just connect a cigarette lighter or car battery and you can easily press a button to lift the car.
The best choice for cars and SUVs, the two detachable raised heads are designed for cars and SUVs. Vehicles under 3 tons can be lifted easily, but do not use it on vehicles over 3 tons. In addition, the car jack is waterproof and can be used on rainy days.
The professional dual-use toolbox electric car jacks are neatly placed in the toolbox, occupying only a small part of the car’s space. When you change the tire on the side of the road, it can also be used as a road sign to protect your safety.

Item Type: Electric Car Jack Kit
Material: Steel
Color: Gray

Maximum Load: 3 Ton
Voltage: DC 12V
Lifting Range: 12-37cm/17-42cm
Rated Power: 100W
Wrench Length (Retractable): Approx. 33.5cm-53cm/13.2-20.9in
Sleeve: Approx. 17-19cm/6.7-7.5in, 21-23cm/8.3-9.1in (2 sleeves)

Fitment: Fit for cars and SUVs

How to Use: 
1. Insert the plug into the car cigarette lighter jack.
2. Press the “∧” or “V” button to control the lifting height.
Package List

1 x 3.5m Power Cable

1 x Battery Clip

3 x Fuse 

1 x Hand Crank

1 x Manual 

2 x Jack Head

1 x Manual Wrench

2 x Sleeve

1 x Plastic Box

Additional information

Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 44.05 × 26 × 13 cm


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